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During these difficult and unknown times, there are a lot more questions than answers. At SSIB, we continue to try to control what we can and will remain 100% functional going forward.

We have taken every precaution to ensure the safety of our staff, service providers, our clients, as well as our local community. 

To this end, we have restricted our staff compliment to only crucial employees remaining at their station. Non crucial employees have been allowed to remain at home with their families on full pay. We have also restricted our interactions to only absolutely necessary face to face contact. Any appointments will be shifted to virtual conferencing where possible. Site inspections will only be undertaken where absolutely necessary.

We would like to re-assure all stakeholders that our offices will remain open unless otherwise informed. 

We have taken measures to ensure that our dedicated staff are able to switch to remote work, and operate from their homes if this becomes necessary. In which case, our switchboard will remain operating – with at least one member of the Slatter Family remaining on call during business hours. All IT and internal systems at SSIB are geared toward remote communications. 

We anticipate a shift to remote work to be a 100% seamless process – however only a worst case scenario.

There is a real danger of infection the world over, and strongly encourage all our stakeholders to take all possible precautions to protect themselves and their own. Although not infected, we have chosen to act as if we are contagious – which is the best way we can do our part to protect our community at large.

Stay safe,

Team SSIB.