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While not directly affected, SSIB has been made aware of a security breach at leading debit order collections agency, QSURE. QSURE was actively collecting premium on behalf of various large insurers – so the breach is potentially substantial across the industry. We are informed that the breach was effective from 2014 to 2018, at which time various client details may have been leaked. 

Description of Incident:-
1. On 9 June 2021, QSURE (Pty) Ltd became aware that it had been the victim of a cybersecurity incident and immediately shut down its systems and network.

2. QSURE has obtained legal advice and appointed an industry-leading and independent cyberforensic and security technology firm to conduct a detailed forensic investigation into the cybersecurity incident.

3. The forensic investigation is still ongoing, and the nature and extent of the cyber security incident is still being investigated at this stage.

4. In addition to the investigations being conducted into the cybersecurity incident, QSURE is reviewing its cybersecurity and will implement any necessary upgrades or improvements to further secure the information contained on its systems.

5. We assure you that the safety of your information is our utmost priority. We are doing everything possible to keep your information safe and will keep you updated of any further developments as the forensic investigation progresses.

6. Appropriate disaster recovery procedures are in place, and we believe our systems and services will be restored shortly. We have established that no data has been deleted and the incident had no impact on the financial system and all funds are secure.

7. The personal information that QSure holds on their system regarding you includes your bank account details and your name, which information is required in order to process the premium collection action. Please take note that no identity numbers, credit card or contact details are held by QSure.

8. We encourage you to please keep track of any suspicious transaction movement or actions in your bank account/s that is not related to your monthly premium payments and to report same to your broker immediately.

9. If you have any questions in relation to the above, please do not hesitate to contact the following people:
Barry Levy 011 449 6887 barryl@qsure.co.za
Sandra da Cruz 011 449 6807 sandradc@qsure.co.za
Thea Brits 011 449 6817 theab@qsure.co.za